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Documents & Policies

Click below to preview the Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Homeowner Association documents.The latest documents can be obtained from TMG.

Some of the information and forms on our web site require Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it here for free.

The following is a summary of required resident information for Palm Beach Bath & Tennis owners and tenants. For more information, you may contact TMG Management.

Maintenance assessments for 2018 are $680.00 and due the first day of each quarter:

January 1st
April 1st
July 1st
October 1st

Please utilize your payment coupons. Payments are mailed to:

c/o Palm Beach Bath & Tennis
P.O. Box 628207
Orlando, FL 32862-8207

Late fees and collection policies are procedurally enforced. Any address change must be provided to TMG Management.

Renting your home is permitted after the first year, however, leases must be for no less than 120 days and each unit owner may not lease their unit more than one (1) time in any twelve-month period. In addition, a refundable security deposit of $800.00 is required by the Association. Leasing of homes without Board approval will be subject to legal action at the homeowner’s expense.

Parking on the street overnight is strictly prohibited. Parking on the grass and sidewalks is not permitted at any time.

Periodic sweeps by the towing company will be conducted to remove any vehicles in violation, at the owner’s expense.

Commercial vehicles, boats, motor homes, trailers, etc, are not allowed in the community unless they can be parked in the garage at all times.

Go-Peds or other motorized scooters are not permitted anywhere in the community.

Garages are for vehicular parking. It is a violation of Association documents to convert the garage into any other type room.

All pets must be walked on a leash at all times and solid waste must be removed immediately. Pet owners must carry visible means of removing solid waste. If the dog waste problem continues to be a problem the board may consider more drastic measures such as requiring DNA of all dogs.

No pet shall be confined to garage, yard, or area where barking becomes a nuisance.

The Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control Division investigates alleged violations when a least two notarized affidavits are received from complaining neighbors.

PODS are allowed for a maximum time of seven (7) days.

No signs, advertising or solicitation is allowed anywhere on homes, lots or vehicles within Palm Beach Bath & Tennis.

Collection is Wednesday and Saturday. Trash must be placed at curb in a covered trash can no earlier than 5:00PM on Tuesday and Friday evening. Cans must be stored out of view no later than 7:00PM Wednesday and Saturday. Recycling is collected on Saturday only. (newspaper, aluminum, clear glass & plastic); Landscaping debris is (vegetation, tree clippings, etc.) collected on Wednesday only.

Palm Beach Bath & Tennis attempts to have owners keep up the overall appearance of their homes and lots via notices sent to owners by the management company on behalf of the Board of Directors. Routine upkeep of property is mandatory and expected. This includes cleaning and painting the home and roof, mailbox and post maintenance, and driveway and walkway maintenance. Trash cans, toys and other lose objects must be stored out of sight.

Overall, most owners comply graciously in support of our ever increasing property values. However, there are sometimes a few that do not comply, and are all too familiar with the next step of fining and/or attorney action at their expense.

All improvements to exterior of the property require approval from the Association before any work can be started. (painting, installation of pool, patio, deck, etc., new landscaping other than flowers & small shrubs, new roof, and more). A property survey showing the proposed change must accompany the design review application. Please follow the instructions for a speedy approval to occur.



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PBB&T Clubhouse




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